Advantages Of Outsourcing A Chief Marketing Officer


Benefits of the CMO program for SMEs and new start-up businesses:

  • It's cheaper than hiring a full-time marketing hire and more flexible.
  • There are no recruitment costs, no long-term commitments or associated costs such as sick pay, holidays, and pensions to think about.
  • A consultant brings a wealth of experience and an ability to "hit the ground running" once the business needs are understood.
  • Packages can be tailored with business and budgets in mind.
  • Frees up the CEO / Top Management time from marketing tasks, to focus directly on running the business.
Whether a corporate looking for additional marketing assistance, a business just starting up or running for some time, the Strategic Management Consultants CMO program can assist in identifying your marketing needs, investing marketing budgets wisely, present and implement a plan offering practical and affordable solutions; and strategies that work, both in the short and long term - to help increase overall sales, reduce unnecessary costs, improve final profits and achieve real growth.


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