Professional Online Marketing Services & Internet Marketing SolutionsEffective online marketing will put your products or services in front of the people who really need them. Even if you don’t sell anything directly online, your business can still benefit from an internet marketing strategy that tells the world’s biggest marketplace all about whom you are and what you’ve got to offer. Internet marketing offers a much more cost-effective way of promoting your business than other marketing methods and by using the right techniques in the right way and at the right time, you can attract new business without ever having to attend a meeting or even pick up a phone. Internet marketing truly is your megaphone to the world.

Dhyeya Business Services LLP’s next best credit is Online Marketing. We support clients achieve online success through creative, ethical and strategically-effective Online Marketing services. Our cutting-edge techniques help you to drive quality traffic towards your website and aid you to grow your business online. Tailored to suit your business type, our internet marketing solutions create a web-niche for your brand and keep you one-up among your competitors. Our Internet Marketing Strategies can be sliced down to an easy, regular process: galvanize traffic; convert visitors to customers; retain existing customers; attract new visitors; and measure and optimize strategies to drive more traffic.

Online Marketing Service Offerings
 Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
SEO Copywriting
Social Media Integration
Web Analytics Services

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Professional Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising ServicesPay per click (PPC) is a great form of search engine marketing that provides instant results. PPC Advertising is one of the most sure-success ventures in recent times. Easy traffic without much ado is what PPC offers advertisers. lebosoft offers cost-effective, result-oriented PPC solutions for clients. Applying our experience in PPC trends and search algorithms, we help you drive quality traffic to your website.

Our experienced PPC consultants help you make best use of PPC programs like Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search engine marketing, Microsoft adCenter and many more to optimize your search engine visibility and gain high quality score with minimum investment. With proper stock analysis and linguistic research, we boost your ROI through PPC ads that are high in quality score but have less CPC (Cost-Per-Click). Our job is to optimize your website with right keywords and with proper landing pages thereby placing your ads at the right position that helps you to reach your targeted audience and not just visitors who accidentally found your site. We are fully committed to finding you real, prospective leads and to increasing your sales by creating an effective PPC marketing campaign that is constantly monitored and improved.

First, we do a detailed analysis and research on the keywords, search trends and competitor studies related to your business. Our research results stem from linguistic-technical understanding of your target user behaviour and search algorithms. Then, we modify and optimize your web page content with the right combination of keywords to increase your Click-Through-Rate (CTR). We periodically measure our campaigns and refine them for better.


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